Rediscover Your Story | Episode 3: Taryn Lawson with HOIST

Quench Your Thirst for Knowledge

Taryn Lawson joined HOIST in the company’s early stages as their first marketing hire. Tasked with essentially creating a brand for a disruptive new player to the beverage and hydration industries, Taryn used her deep experience in launching and scaling brands to fuel growth and attention. 

While the owners of HOIST went through very expensive “Beverage College,” Taryn instantly got to work honing in on their target audience. You’ll want to listen to this episode about a scrappy startup that was a marketer’s dream come true. Not only will you hear about top video tips and how TikTok is now the GenZ search engine, but you’ll learn how Taryn took the opportunity to shape and mold a brand into what HOIST is today. From a hangover beverage to ONE of three electrolyte beverages for the United States Department of Defense.

Let’s Discover Taryn’s story.

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