A video agency that builds relationships. Relationships that leads to sustainable content. Content that will set you and your brand apart.

After years of collaborating in the production industry Nick Shell and Scott Thompson founded RESLV. The intention was to create a full-service video agency providing superior solutions by focusing on collaboration and mutual respect.

The name RESLV (pronounced Resolve) came from the production companies and ad agencies hiring the team to constantly modify and re-solve costly mistakes that could have been avoided. The name later came to reflect the core values on which the company was founded: RESPECT, ELEVATE, SOLUTIONS, LISTEN and VISION.

RESLV continues to be a company of passionate creatives pushing each other to provide the best possible solutions for our clients. But it goes beyond providing solutions. Our focus is on relationships and respect. We respect our team knowing each member has specialized skills that drives us to create amazing things that we couldn’t create on our own. Most importantly we respect our clients and the opportunity they provide us. This is why we strive to build collaborations with clients that align with our own values. We understand that by elevating your brand we elevate our own. We seek out opportunities to help grow your brand by providing tailor-made solutions. There is no problem that we can’t resolve, it’s in our name! We feel confident saying that because what separates us from other companies is that we listen. No one knows your business better than you. That is why our creative process begins and ends with listening. Our goal is to empower your business with the right solutions and a strategy for implementation. We will work with you to craft a vision for what your company will be.