Rediscover Your Story | Episode 3: Taryn Lawson with HOIST

Quench Your Thirst for Knowledge

Taryn Lawson joined HOIST in the company’s early stages as their first marketing hire. Tasked with essentially creating a brand for a disruptive new player to the beverage and hydration industries, Taryn used her deep experience in launching and scaling brands to fuel growth and attention. 

While the owners of HOIST went through very expensive “Beverage College,” Taryn instantly got to work honing in on their target audience. You’ll want to listen to this episode about a scrappy startup that was a marketer’s dream come true. Not only will you hear about top video tips and how TikTok is now the GenZ search engine, but you’ll learn how Taryn took the opportunity to shape and mold a brand into what HOIST is today. From a hangover beverage to ONE of three electrolyte beverages for the United States Department of Defense.

Let’s Discover Taryn’s story.

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Andrew Grimes, Newman Digital Strategies

Rediscover Your Story | Episode 2: Andrew Grimes with Newman Digital Strategies

A Digital Deep Dive with Andrew Grimes

Andrew is the founder and CEO of Newman Digital Strategies (NDS), a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, SEM, web design and development, email marketing, and social media marketing. After working as an executive in the marketing industry for nearly two decades, he opened NDS to better help large corporations, small to medium businesses, and non-profits navigate the digital marketing world. He also teaches marketing and analytics in the MBA, MSM, and undergraduate programs at the University of Kentucky. Andrew and his team have worked with clients ranging from the Fortune 500 to the local startup and non-profit. 

Andrew Grimes, founder and CEO of Newman Digital Strategies, made the trek to Cincinnati from his hometown of Lexington, KY to join Jesy Herron on the second episode of Rediscover Your Story, RESLV podcast for marketers. In this episode, Andrew will give us a deep dive into the world of digital advertising, and share his unique perspective on what it takes to succeed in this fast-paced industry.

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Rediscover Your Story | Episode 1: Jackie Marschall with Hoxworth Blood Center

The Importance of Storytelling in Growing Your Community

On Rediscover Your Story Podcast we have Jackie Marschall. Jackie is a proud Cincinnatian & lover of people with a passion for storytelling, community connection and sharing her voice for helping others. Her world revolves around the largest community-based provider of blood products and services in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky as the Public Information Officer for Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati. Jackie is responsible for all PR, social media content strategy, donor marketing and engagement. She’s also a proud dog momma to the most rambunctious golden retriever in the world named Phoebe. Currently, Jackie is living in Bellevue, KY, finishing up her Masters in Public Administration from the University of Cincinnati and earned her undergrad degree in public relations at Northern Kentucky University. Outside of work and school you will probably find Jackie at one of the many amazing local restaurants and establishments throughout our city or at one of the many sporting events in town! A true Cincy girl through and through.

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There are three key fundamentals to effective B2B Video Marketing Content

Introduction: Three Key Fundamentals to Effective B2B Video Marketing Content

You’ve heard it before: Content is king. But if you’re a B2B marketer, the real truth is that effective video content is queen. Video content that resonates and engages with your audience then helps to solve their problems, has the superpower to convert prospects into customers. This can be immensely profitable—especially in a world where more than half of all sales happen online. If you want your video content to be effective (and who doesn’t?), then focus on these three key fundamentals to effective B2B video marketing content.

#1 – Audience

Audience is the most important ingredient in B2B marketing content. You need to know your audience, understand their needs and pain points, and create content that helps them solve problems or achieve goals. To attract new customers and retain your existing market share, your video content must be accessible, relevant and informative.

  • Know your audience and be specific about who you’re targeting. It helps to craft personas and even think of examples, like current clients that you’d like to clone.
  • Don’t just have a surface level understanding of their needs and pain points, really dig in and find out what your audience cares about.
  • Pinpoint the locations you’ll find your target audience, whether it’s through social media, CTV or both. This helps you craft your video content per platform.

#2 – Problem

When you know what your customers are struggling with, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of the problem. You may think that this step is obvious, but many B2B companies make the mistake of assuming too much. Don’t be afraid to call out the potential problems in your video content, it could really help your target audience feel like they’re being seen and heard effectively which will help them engage and connect with your product and organization.

Your product is designed to fulfill a need for your customers–so acknowledge and detail those needs! If you created your product because there was no existing solution available on the market (and if so, why?), describe how persistent these problems were before you came along. These are great stories to tell and let’s be honest, people like and connect with stories.

#3 – Solution

You can’t just list your product’s features and benefits (you can, but that’s boring). In your video, you need to go beyond that and explain how those features work in the real world. In other words, you need to show prospects how your product alleviates their pain points by solving their problems in a unique way. To do this effectively, you must:

  • Include the unique methods, technology, or expertise your product uses to overcome customer obstacles the way only you can (e.g., “Our patented technology allows us to offer a 5x reduction in footprint compared with our competitors”).
  • Use a conversational tone throughout the video. Just as you told a story to introduce the problem, tell an even more compelling story about how the problem was solved by your product or service.

Conclusion: There are three key fundamentals to effective B2B video marketing content

As a recap: The first is your audience. You can’t just create a video for yourself or your team–you have to think about who you’re trying to reach and what they need from your product or service. Next, you need a problem that your product or service can uniquely solve. And finally, there needs to be a solution presented that addresses those issues in an engaging way that resonates with them personally (not just technically). While RESLV focuses on video marketing content, these three fundamentals should be at the core of any compelling content pieces your marketing team creates.

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Create a Content Calendar that Fits your Business Goals

Introduction: Content Calendar Hacks

Content marketing is a powerful tool to build and nurture relationships with your customers. However, it can be challenging to create relevant and engaging content on an ongoing basis. To help you stay inspired for your next video, blog post or social media update, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite hacks for creating a content calendar that works!

Create a content calendar that fits your audience.

The first step in creating an effective content calendar is knowing your audience.

  • Know what types of content they like to consume. Do they prefer short videos or long blogposts? Are they more likely to watch a video at work, or read something at home on the weekend?
  • Understand how they consume content. Are they more likely to read articles on their commute in the morning, or watch videos on their lunch break at noon? Which social media platforms do they use most often: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (or all four)?

Create a content calendar that fits your business goals.

Next, you need to consider your goals and objectives. A content calendar is a tool that helps you plan your content and save time but it’s also a great way to measure your performance, as it allows you to see how well your efforts are working in real-time. The best part? You don’t need to follow any specific rules when creating a calendar–only guidelines! Here are some tips on how to create a content calendar that fits your business goals:

  • Choose the right platform for tracking goals and objectives (e.g., Google Calendar or Excel)
  • Set up recurring events so that they appear automatically on every date in which they’re due (e.g., Monday mornings at 9 am)
  • Create separate calendars for each type of content (e.g., video, blog posts, social media updates, etc.)
  • Create a template or theme for each category to stay organized and quickly get a landscape view of your content types

Then consider how you want to display your calendar. Do you want to see all the events at once or just one day at a time? Will it be easier for you to keep track of your content if it’s in one place or spread out over several different platforms? With a visual representation of all the different types of content you’ll be creating over time– it will be easier for you to see everything at once. Use a content calendar to increase your online visibility, drive traffic to your website (lead gen opps), and increase brand awareness.


Remember, it may take some trial and error before you find something that works well for your brand–but with all of these tips at our disposal, we’re confident you’ll be able to do so!

Now, how do you fill that content calendar? We suggest a video-first digital marketing approach!

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man watching videos on his laptop

3 Reasons to Put Video First in your Digital Marketing Strategy

Why you should put video first in your digital marketing strategy.

Video is one of the most effective ways to enhance your digital marketing efforts. With a growing number of consumers turning to video content it is important that brands are able to not only keep up with this trend, but make sure they’re ahead of it. RESLV, video agency, shares three reasons why you should put video first in your digital marketing strategy.

Reason No. 1 – Video is favored by consumers

Video is favored by consumers. According to a recent study, 70% of consumers prefer video over other web content types like static images or text (HubSpot).

  • Shareability: Video is more likely to be shared. The same study found that 68% of consumers would share an online video via email or social media compared to the mere 11% who would share an image.
  • Engagement: Video is more likely to be watched in its entirety than any other type of web content. While 94% of people watch at least part of the video they click on, only about 30% read through even half the text that appears on a page before giving up and scrolling past it entirely!
  • Memorability: Video is more likely to be remembered after viewing than any other type of web content. In fact, 80% say they remember what they saw in online videos two months after watching it (compared with 57% who remember what they read). And 50-60% say they remember what was said in videos four months later (compared with 26-27%).

Reason No. 2 – Video is favored by search engines

When search engines scan your website, they look for content that is relevant to the user’s query. They do this by analyzing the text on your page and then evaluating how well it matches up with what the user typed in their search bar. 

Video is favored by search engines because it can be more engaging than text-based content which makes for a better user experience—and ultimately drives more traffic to your site as a result. Because videos are more engaging than plain text, they offer a more dynamic way of answering questions that users have about your business and products quickly. That means they’ll spend less time searching around on Google before landing on your website.

Reason No. 3 – Video drives ROI

Video is a great way to engage your audience, convey information, build trust, and generate leads. In fact, video drives ROI with nearly 90% of marketers who use video stating that they see an increase in conversions on a lead-generating campaign (HubSpot). And now is the time to double down on B2B lead generation. According to a recent article from, many marketers are winding down their lead generation strategy to take a break from heavy marketing — but now is the perfect time to target the individual winners in the business world and get ahead for a better Q1. But it’s going to be harder to convert prospects and B2B marketers will need to be more competitive to reach the decision makers — stand out in the lead generation race with a video that engages, explains and converts.


We’re in an age where consumers have more access to information than ever before. If you want your brand to stand out among the crowd, then a video first marketing strategy should be your top consideration as you plan for 2023. Video is the most effective way for businesses to tell their story, engage with customers, build trust, and market themselves and consumers aren’t the only ones preferring video. Keep these 3 reasons in mind as you consider your digital marketing strategy and soon enough your content strategy will be attracting more leads than you ever thought possible!

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Avoid Banner Blindness in your Digital Advertising

“Banner Blindness” has been a problem in digital advertising for years.

When you think of banner blindness, you probably picture a person scrolling through social media or reading emails while your banner ad is displayed in their peripheral vision. While that’s an accurate description, it doesn’t capture the full scope of the problem: banner blindness is more than just being distracted by something other than an ad—it’s being completely unaware that an ad was even there in the first place.

Less people clicking on ads is creating frustration within digital marketing teams. Digital marketers are already feeling the stress of constantly creating lead generating assets. This behavior has become so common among consumers that advertisers have had to find new ways to get their attention. 

Digital marketers work harder to gain attention from users that are distracted and overloaded with content.

Digital marketers are competing with an abundance of content with users who have a low attention span. The result is less clicks, less awareness, and less brand impressions. The only way to really break through the noise and minimize banner blindness is with video marketing. Video is more likely to capture attention because it’s richer in information and context then static content like text or images (especially when you consider how much time people spend on their phones). When done right, video can also provide information that’s more useful than what would be conveyed in written form alone; something important for many brands trying to reach consumers online today where they’re bombarded by so much content everyday (think: Twitter feed).

Video marketing has proven effective because it engages audiences in a way that display ads cannot; people tend not to ignore videos when they’re on their phone or computer screen (unlike with webpages), and they can be easily shared across social media platforms for additional exposure.

Video content needs to be better than “good enough” to capture your audience.

Good enough video content doesn’t stand out like great video content. Don’t skip corners on quality production value, make your video marketing dollars work harder for you. In order for this strategy of online video marketing to work, it’s critical that your videos are engaging, creative, informative, and entertaining but they also need to generate leads. RESLV offers a great solution for creating videos like these. We help businesses create videos that they can use on their website, social media channels, and digital advertising platforms so they can give users a more engaging experience. Our goal is to help you create amazing content for your business or brand that leads to results and combats banner blindness. 

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Did You Know Series: Healthcare Video Content Creates Digital Relevancy

Healthcare Video Content Leads to Digital Success

It shouldn’t be a secret that videos are wildly popular across all industries and customer demographics. Why? Videos are easy to digest, engaging, and simple for organizations to leverage for digital marketing. But forget popularity for one second, because video content is crucial for the healthcare space. To educate your audience, strengthen culture, and connect with stakeholders.

Healthcare organizations shouldn’t just think about videos in a vacuum, they are also an important component to your digital strategy. The more videos you have the more users will click on your content. The more users click on your content, the more your search relevancy increases on Google. What does this all mean? It means that your healthcare brand will be found more readily across digital platforms.

4 Reasons Your Healthcare Brand Should Invest in Video:

Content wins. But do users really have the time and the attention span to read three to five minutes of text? These days, video content is digested at a much more rapid pace. With video social platforms like YouTube, Instagram Reels, and TikTok, it is important to reach your audience at the point of search. In other words, reach your audience where they already are engaging — with video.

  1. Attract. Video content works to attract prospective patients, new hires, and other audiences that you might not have reached otherwise.
  2. Engage. With so many users swiping through content at a rapid pace, video content is more likely to engage with your target audience increasing the opportunity for your full brand message to be seen and heard.
  3. Convert. Reiterate your call to action on screen. Within your video content share with your target audience what you’d like them to do. Whether it’s to follow you on a social platform, click on a button for more information, fill out the contact form, or to watch the next video in your content series. Either way, you have a captive audience to capitalize on.
  4. Retain. As mentioned above, the more video content you produce and publish the more users will click and connect. All part of a video strategy to retain new patients, new employees, new audiences as a direct result of posting engaging video content.

Learn how RESLV can take your healthcare video storytelling and digital relevancy to the next level. For more healthcare related video content case studies, please click here.

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Steve at the Emmy Awards for Storytelling

Experienced Storytelling Results in Emmy® Awards

What’s New with RESLV | Emmy® Award Winning

As a Cincinnati video agency, RESLV regularly submits content to the The Ohio Valley Emmy® Awards and this year we were rewarded for our experienced storytelling. We were the proud recipients of three (3) nominations and two (2) Emmy® awards at this year’s Ohio Valley Chapter’s 58th Emmy® Awards Gala that took place at the end of July in Columbus, Ohio.

What are the Ohio Valley Chapter’s 58th Emmy® Awards?

The Ohio Valley Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of television. RESLV won two (2) Emmy® awards which reflect each person’s craft in the creation of public affairs program: Brent Spence Bridge Cincinnati | Tragedy on the Ohio, and a public service announcement video: UC Health: Nurses Week. Our experienced team includes Scott Thompson for his Direction, Steve May for Video Production, and Kyle Breitenstein for Editing, each one an integral part of the impactful storytelling in each video.  

We’d like to thank the Academy

While this is true, we’d also like to thank our clients again for their trust in our storytelling and ability to bring their stories to life. We wouldn’t be here today without the confidence and support that enabled us to create such meaningful content. Stay tuned for next year’s submissions as we’re really cooking up some great storytelling videos this year.

One last thing, we mentioned a fun surprise to watch out for on our social media channels. Don’t remember, check it out here. Our team went to the Emmy® awards in style. Matching style. And the only thing that matched our yellow chucks better were the Emmy® awards themselves. If you want to see more, hang out on our Instagram account and follow us for more great content on our Facebook page.

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UC Investment Team and RESLV Team together

How to Hire the Right Video Agency

Hiring the Right Video Agency

University of Cincinnati Investment Office manages the university’s endowment assets to support current and future Bearcats. They help fund scholarships, research, prospective faculty hires and new opportunities for students. This is a smart team, but what this team doesn’t know is how to create an impactful brand video. Why would they need to know when they can hire a video agency like RESLV that will partner with them and be an extension to their team.

Karl Scheer from University of Cincinnati Investment Office giving rave review about RESLV video agency

Convey a Brand Message With Video

There are many reasons to hire a video agency. Here are the three main reasons that many client partners want to work with RESLV. One, the desire to connect with your audience. Two, having a compelling story the brand and/or organization want to tell. Three, having a complex product or solution that is best explained with a video. With video exponentially growing each year, the list of reasons goes on and on. Specifically in the case with University of Cincinnati Investment team, they had a complex brand message they wanted to communicate but didn’t know the best way. RESLV worked with Karl and Sam to identify their brand goals, determine the audience, and solidify a through-line message that evokes emotion with prospective targets.

Should Your Organization Hire a Video Agency?

If you or your marketing team are looking for a partner that will help you get a message out to your target audience in a way that you didn’t think was possible, give us a call. RESLV will seek to understand your goals, help clarify your messaging, captivate your audience, energize your digital campaigns that make you stand out from the competition, and fuel your content calendar with video designed for social, email, websites and more. Does that sound like something your organization could benefit from? Give RESLV a call.

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