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Why Interviewing is like Therapy.

The core of making a good video is storytelling, and a big chunk of our work is bringing stories out of people in interviews. In theory, a successful interview sounds like an easy, straightforward task. But in reality, it is much like a therapy session: delicate and compassionate, carefully bringing out someone’s truth. That can be hard enough behind closed doors, but it becomes exceptionally tricky when the lights are on and camera is rolling.

So how do we get those stories on film? A good producer is key to getting someone to open up and tell the story they need to tell. But there are some simple techniques to use to help people relax and give detailed answers. First of all, eye contact and active listening is necessary. Simple enough, but not everyone does this instinctively. Just running through the list of questions and expecting something other than stiff, overly prepared answers is a big mistake. And those awkward answers are going to be difficult to work around in editing.

An experienced producer knows how to ask the right questions, dig deeper when they know someone is holding back, and do all of this with compassion – just like a good therapist! Even just asking the right questions isn’t always enough – being a conversationalist and warming your interviewee up with small talk can help them not to freeze up when the cameras are on.

This connection of interviewing to therapy really shines in our videos with ThrivePointe, a counseling services company It was an interesting perspective to have professional counselors respond to our style of interviewing.

When someone is picking their own therapist, it is so important that they connect with that person and feel as comfortable as possible. This is why the storytelling element and ease of the interview was so crucial during production of ThrivePointe’s videos. Not only did the message need to be delivered – but it needed to be delivered in a positive and comfortable way.

We also took over the challenge of completely rebranding ThrivePointe from their website to design elements. This way we could effortlessly connect the vision of the videos to the rest of the company’s look and feel. It was a treat to start from the ground up and elevate this brand even beyond video content.

Check out the results of a great interview in our video for ThrivePointe:

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This is where we come from. It may be a small city, but it’s got some big vibes! As a video agency,we spend a lot of time capturing the world around us – especially what’s close to home – Cincinnati!

We wanted to share the excitement for our region with everyone else – so we gathered up some of our favorite footage and made a little ‘highlight reel’ for the city. People should know that Cincy is as cool as any other city on the map…so let’s show them! The sights, the food, the people. We’ve got it all right here.

Our Cincinnati region is full of charm, but we’ll let the video speak for itself.

Hopefully we’ve created something that features all the best parts about living in Cincinnati! Of course, we couldn’t fit all of what makes this region great (or the video would be hours long) so let us know about your favorite part of Cincinnati and #RepOurRegion!

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We always talk about how great content is made through collaboration and the importance of our relationships with clients. The Cincinnati USA Regional Tourism Network is a great example of this. We’ve been working with them for almost eight years now, and we’ve definitely built that great collaborative relationship. Over the years, we’ve created all kinds of diverse content for them. And we’re constantly working together to find new ways to showcase our unique city: Cincinnati!

Most recently, we produced a video series that shows off the most memorable parts of Cincinnati. From the classic Cincinnati chili to Fiona the queen of Cincinnati! These are just some features that stick in the minds of both residents and visitors. Creating this video series also gave us the chance to experience some of the awesome local attractions for ourselves. We are really happy with the way that each piece came out and hope the special parts of Cincinnati shine through these spots! Enjoy!

Everyone was jealous of our time spent up close and personal with Cincinnati’s favorite hippo Fiona!

Check out how this spot came together and see some of the cute Fiona clips that didn’t make the cut in the behind the scenes video:

Another cool spot took us underground into the beer tunnels hidden below our city. We tagged along with American Legacy Tours and then headed above ground to film in the popular establishments around Over-The-Rhine.

Follow our experience underground and hopping around OTR in the behind the scenes video:

And whether you love it or hate it, we of course we had to feature some classic Cincinnati chili! Don’t twirl your chili!

We had a great time capturing these spots and getting to experience all the attractions around town that make this city Unmistakably Cincinnati!

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Part of the Community

We found the still image above in some extra footage from an old shoot. What’s cool about this shot is that not many people choose to shoot the Cincinnati skyline from this angle. Most people tend to take pictures from the other side. But like many cities, Cincinnati can be explored and experienced from many different angles, it’s never just one way of looking at it.

We may be on the other side of the bridge, but we still consider ourselves a part of the Cincinnati community.  We’ve done a lot of fun work with esteemed Cincinnati businesses, like The Children’s Home and Cincinnati Public Schools. While we work on national projects too, the ones in Cincinnati remain important to us.

We have been Momentum Investors for Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber for two years now. They do a great job elevating the Cincinnati community and we are happy to be a part of that. As RESLV grows, we still want to stay a part of this community. So stop by and say hi next time you’re on the other side of the bridge!

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