Headshot of Barrett Evans with Macy's

Working with RESLV isn’t really ‘working’ – it’s learning, exploring and creating – together. RESLV has a unique lens on developing a story, and a relationship, that ultimately engage viewers of their products in really deep ways.

They live the brand values that their name represents. Respect – they respect their customers, the timelines and the ‘story’ they are telling; Elevate – RESLV has a unique way of taking your initial idea and making it more than you ever thought possible; Solutions – if they can solve it, they will – and I’ve yet to find a problem they couldn’t solve; Listen – Scott, Nick and the whole RESLV team listen for understanding, not just to respond; and Vision – RESLV always zooms out to understand the ecosystem in which their product will live, to be sure there is an aligned vision behind the message.

I have not hesitated to recommend RESLV to peers both inside and outside of my organization, as I know they’ll exceed expectations. If you’re considering working with RESLV, stop now and pick up the phone – you won’t be disappointed.

Barrett Evans | Chief Learning Officer | Ford