Cinematographer / Editor

Do you have a passion for storytelling and using video to influence decision making?  Do you love getting behind the camera and adding a fresh perspective to a project?

Job Type. Full-Time

Work Location. Bellevue, KY  (RESLV corporate office) 

Experience. Video Editing and Motion Graphics: 3-5 years. Production/Camera 3-5 years

Schedule. Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. However, there will be times when nights and weekends are required due to the timing of on-site shoots and project deadlines.


RESLV is looking for a Cinematographer/Editor with proven experience in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. We need someone who is brimming with creativity and speed of completion. The Cinematographer/Editor also plays an integral part in the process of production. The cinematographer is accountable for all things camera related and is responsible for making artistic and technical decisions relating to the image. General responsibility for lighting the set, filtration and composition. This person should have a strong artistic vision and be fully adept in all creative areas to provide our teams with necessary eye-catching, relevant content. Must be able to multi-task and remain calm under production pressures and deadlines. Only team players need apply. Collaboration happens in the office every day, and we are only interested in people who understand that creativity is a team sport. Marketing experience would make a huge impact on this role’s ability to perform well.

Duties / Responsibilities

First and foremost, we are looking for a Cinematographer/Editor that can work collaboratively and efficiently. The ideal candidate will complete a post-production project from start to finish incorporating all editorial, motion graphic, and sound design. On the production side, this candidate will be responsible for maintaining and shooting with the array of cameras RESLV has on hand.

In this role, you will:

  • Problem Solver: When you run into a challenge; you should be excited to figure out a solution. If I say, “I want a video to look a certain way,” you shouldn’t say, “I can’t do that;” you should say, “I’ll figure out a way.” 
  • Self-Starter: We are looking for someone to collaborate with multiple editors, as well as other departments in the company. So, we’d like to hire a team member who is confident in their skill set and can be a self-starter when needed.
  • Graphic Designer:  A strong understanding of Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator & Photoshop are a must)
  • Possess the ability to tap into your creative mind on demand.
  • Is organized & highly attentive to detail.
  • Responsive: We often need things taken care of in a very timely manner.
  • Maintain a willingness to learn new skills and expand your knowledge base.
  • Has knowledge of production equipment and practices.
  • Provide internal project direction to the RESLV post-production team, ensuring successful color grading and audio mastering.
  • Facilitate and address all client cut changes throughout the approval process.
  • In collaboration with the appropriate leads, ingest, organize, and edit video footage, audio, and music tracks according to tight scripts and storyboards or loose production guidelines.
  • Maintain proper file structure and approach allowing for future edits/adaptations.
  • Maintain all editing equipment, troubleshoot problems, and actively facilitates repairs.
  • Ensure the brand aesthetic is successfully translated into high quality visual assets.
  • Under the guidance of the appropriate lead, track progress of tasks and deliverables for video products
  • Communicate any schedule changes to appropriate leads as needed.
  • Be able to work directly with clients through communication and in-person edit sessions.
  • Must be able to operate RESLV’s cameras.
  • Responsibilities include all elements of video production support.
  • Partner with production team on creative strategy and content execution needs for each project.
  • Continuously discover and implement new video capture/editing techniques, technologies and industry best practices to maximize efficiency and engagement.
  • Maintain all equipment and ensure equipment capabilities are up to content capture standards.
  • Provide technical directing of all location shooting
  • Proficient in lighting scenes and subjects.
  • Construct various looks through lighting techniques.
  • Strong eye for post-production color correction.
  • Responsible for quality assurance & troubleshooting.
  • Research additional footage, photos, or music needed for video projects.


  • Health, dental, & vision Insurance
  • 401(K) with employer match

In the past 5 years we’ve developed a work culture that is hard working, flexible, and FUN, and we seek someone who is like minded to join us!  We know that innovation begins with input from employees of  all walks of life; therefore, diversity and Inclusion are a strong part of our collaborative culture.

If you are interested in applying for this position, send your resume to careers@reslv.com.