We always talk about how great content is made through collaboration and the importance of our relationships with clients. The Cincinnati USA Regional Tourism Network is a great example of this. We’ve been working with them for almost eight years now, and we’ve definitely built that great collaborative relationship. Over the years, we’ve created all kinds of diverse content for them. And we’re constantly working together to find new ways to showcase our unique city: Cincinnati!

Most recently, we produced a video series that shows off the most memorable parts of Cincinnati. From the classic Cincinnati chili to Fiona the queen of Cincinnati! These are just some features that stick in the minds of both residents and visitors. Creating this video series also gave us the chance to experience some of the awesome local attractions for ourselves. We are really happy with the way that each piece came out and hope the special parts of Cincinnati shine through these spots! Enjoy!

Everyone was jealous of our time spent up close and personal with Cincinnati’s favorite hippo Fiona!

Check out how this spot came together and see some of the cute Fiona clips that didn’t make the cut in the behind the scenes video:

Another cool spot took us underground into the beer tunnels hidden below our city. We tagged along with American Legacy Tours and then headed above ground to film in the popular establishments around Over-The-Rhine.

Follow our experience underground and hopping around OTR in the behind the scenes video:

And whether you love it or hate it, we of course we had to feature some classic Cincinnati chili! Don’t twirl your chili!

We had a great time capturing these spots and getting to experience all the attractions around town that make this city Unmistakably Cincinnati!

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