How much work really goes into helping our clients tell their story?

It’s actually quite a lot.

Behind the scenes are fun, and we wanted to share a little bit of what goes into the storytelling process. One of our favorite projects we recently created was The Children’s Home: Together.

The Children’s Home: Together was a ton of fun to work on, and we put a lot of work into this project. Let’s go through the process and we’ll take you step by step using The Children’s Home: Together as a guide.

First, we conceptualize the story. This is not only writing down the idea but sketching it out to in the form of storyboards. There is a lot of thought that goes into every script and storyboard we create. Each of our clients are unique, and our videos reflect that.

While the final shot may look simple, it was the key to getting this video right and took a lot of planning to get perfect. We worked with the kids of The Children’s Home to create hundreds of paintings that were laid out in the pattern of The Children’s Home logo. We spent hours mapping the front yard of The Children’s Home, going out ourselves and marking where each painting needed to go.

We worked with The Children’s Home to create tiles, based on their brand and equity colors. The kids used these tiles to paint their thoughts on what makes up the world around them. Taking weeks to construct and create the tiles took a team. Being able to put ourselves in The Children’s Home story meant more than coming together, but working together to create this story. Our team even got the chance to fill in a few extra boards, see if you can catch them in the final video.

The Children’s Home story goes beyond the paintings created. Working with kids is always a fun experience. We spent a couple days getting to know these kids, and what the world really does mean to them. After a couple of days, we became attached to each and every one of them. Each adding their own special touch to the story.

Finally, check out how it all came together!

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