Being one of many crew members on a set is usually quite straightforward and impersonal, and we know this job well ourselves. We, like most people who work in production, had to start as crew members on other companies’ projects and prove ourselves in the industry. Only after gaining this experience from the bottom, could we begin to branch out and start running the show. So, when you are still just another crew member on set, it’s understandable not to be so emotionally invested in the job. Especially if your only job is to stand around holding a light. But something we have realized by being on the other side of the business is that having engaged crew members who don’t just feel like another set piece can be invaluable. As a company, something we feel sets us apart is that we try to involve our crew members on a more personal level during shoots. This can be extremely rewarding, yet it is still a balance we are trying to perfect with every new project.

Having crew members who are involved with projects on a more emotional level helps them be more invested in the final product. As the people behind the story, we are always going to be the most devoted to the final outcome of a project. By bringing a little bit of that investment into our crew members, we hope to make all our shoots a valuable experience for everyone involved.

We know from experience that a devoted crew member means someone who will go the extra step to do the best job that they can. And getting that extra engagement can be as simple as taking the time before a shoot to talk to everyone on set. Going over the story or purpose of a video, and just getting everyone on the same page. Letting everyone be included in the discussion can be the difference between a good crew member and an excellent one.

Being on both sides of the business we know the importance of having an environment where every voice is allowed. The challenge then ends up being creating a space that is open to everyone, yet still with appropriate boundaries. Anyone who works in this business knows there is hierarchy in production. While it may seem contradictory to our argument, this hierarchy is still necessary. The difference for us is in making the crew feel like an integral part of every project. The key factor being contribution not control.

This is a tricky balance to get right, and perfecting this balance is what sets us apart in the industry. At the end of the day the most important part of any shoot, no matter what you did on set, is to deliver and exceed the expectations of the client. That goal is always going to be our responsibility to meet.

There has been a lot of feedback from clients about how nice the vibe is during our shoots. We’ve always felt a big part of this is the effort we take to really involve the crew in our process. After all, they are not just nameless robots holding our lights.

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