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Creative Catalyst in Cincinnati

Rediscover Your Story | Episode 10

Our very own cultural ambassador, Rico Grant, appeared on the Rediscover Your Story podcast, discussing his journey and vision for Cincinnati. Rico is the founder of Paloozanoire, which merges art, innovation, and community in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine district. As the visionary founder of Paloozanoire, Rico isn’t just an entrepreneur but a catalyst for change, using his creative spirit to bring people together and uplift the city he loves through:

  • Gallery at Gumbo: An inclusive barbershop art gallery, fostering a sense of belonging and community.
  • “Gumbo Talks” podcast: Rico amplifies local voices, strengthening Cincinnati’s diverse communities.
  • SoCap Accelerate: Rico’s role as Executive Director nurtures innovation and economic growth.
  • Emmy award-winning “Black & Brown Faces” art exhibition celebrates diversity through art.
  • “17 Under Seventeen” youth awards program empowers young talent.
  • Rico’s advisory role and nonprofit board contributions make him a city connector.
  • Cinema and Fundnoire: Celebrating Black culture and supporting Black-owned businesses.
  • Upcoming venture “LoVe Bar and Lounge” set to further enrich Cincinnati’s culture with sultry vibes.

Let’s Discover Rico’s story.

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