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Roger David is the Gold Star Standard of Cincinnati

Rediscover Your Story | Episode 08

This week we’re stirring things up with a special guest who’s no stranger to the Cincinnati food scene—Roger David, the visionary CEO and President of Gold Star and Tom & Chee joins us on Rediscover Your Story.

Roger shares the inside scoop on Gold Star’s recipe for success, from clinching victories in blind taste tests to embracing the brand’s storied heritage and disrupting the path for a bold future. But it’s not just about the chili; it’s about innovation, tradition, and the community that brings it all together. Whether you’re a foodie, a business aficionado, or someone who loves a good comeback story, you won’t want to miss Roger’s insights. He’s on a mission to write the next chapter for Gold Star, and he’s inviting you to the table.

Let’s Discover Roger’s story.

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