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RESLV Owner Joins Leadership Cincinnati USA® Class 47

August 15, 2023
RESLV Owner Joins Leadership Cincinnati USA® Class 47

RESLV Owner Joins Leadership Cincinnati USA®

In an exciting development for the Cincinnati business community, Scott Thompson, the visionary founder of RESLV, has been chosen to participate in Class 47 of Leadership Cincinnati USA®. This prestigious leadership development program, organized by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, is more than just a learning experience – it’s a transformative journey that empowers leaders to drive positive change, embrace challenges, and foster collaboration for a brighter future. With a proven track record of excellence and innovation, Scott Thompson’s inclusion in this program promises to bring fresh perspectives and dynamic ideas to the table.

A Visionary Leader

Scott Thompson’s journey into the world of leadership began in 2016 when he founded RESLV with a clear vision: to elevate his clients’ businesses through high-quality content that authentically showcases their unique attributes. Starting from humble roots in Bellevue, KY, RESLV has evolved into an Emmy award-winning agency based in Cincinnati, renowned for its global reach and innovative content creation.

Empowering Team Collaboration

Leadership Cincinnati USA® emphasizes the significance of collaboration, and Scott Thompson is a true exemplar of this ethos. He recognizes that every member of the RESLV team brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and insights to the table. By fostering an environment where each team member’s expertise is valued and leveraged, Scott ensures that RESLV consistently delivers innovative content solutions that exceed clients’ expectations.

A Global Reach With Local Roots

While RESLV’s reach extends around the world, its home base remains firmly rooted in Cincinnati. This local-global connection perfectly aligns with the goals of Leadership Cincinnati USA®, which seeks to nurture leaders who are committed to the growth and prosperity of the region. Scott’s success story serves as an inspiration for how local businesses can make a significant impact on a global scale while contributing to the vibrant and inclusive development of their own community.


Scott Thompson’s participation in Class 47 of Leadership Cincinnati USA® is a testament to his remarkable journey as a visionary leader and an innovator in the world of content creation. With a commitment to transparency, creativity, and collaboration, Scott has not only elevated RESLV to international acclaim but also embodies the principles that Leadership Cincinnati USA® stands for. As he embarks on this new chapter of leadership development, there’s no doubt that Scott’s contributions will continue to shape a more vibrant, inclusive, and prosperous future for Cincinnati and beyond.

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