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A Guitar Master In The Canadian Wilderness

January 14, 2019

Back in October, the RESLV team traveled into the middle of nowhere Canada, on a shoot for our friend Drew Boyd. We have been working with Drew on a long-term project ahead of his new program launch. A big part of these shoots featured guitars, the making of them and their creativity. There was a final piece we needed to capture, which is what led us into Canada, on a hike into the wilderness. Our chance to meet with, and film, a guitar-making legend.

Since the late 60s, Sergei de Jonge has been in the northeast of Canada, perfecting the art of guitar making. He has since become an expert at crafting beautiful guitars and passing this knowledge on to his family. He also brings students to his workshop in the woods to teach the art of guitar making, some who have become expert craftsmen themselves. Drew happened to be one of these lucky students a few years ago, which is how we ended up connecting with Sergei in the first place.When we arrived at the discrete workshop and meet with Sergei, it was fascinating to explore and speak with others learning from him. We spent our time there capturing Sergei and his students meticulously crafting each part of the instrument. The process was long, but exciting to film. It was an eye-opening experience to see what really goes into this instrument that so many people play.

Sergei’s personal story was even more fascinating. How the desire to build his own guitar developed into a guitar-making addiction that led him to become a master. His journey, and the passion he developed through that journey, became the focus of our mini documentary above.

It was such a treat to have this experience that many people, guitar players or not, probably have never heard of. Filming the entire experience was just as great and we are really proud of how the final piece turned out. We also want to give our thanks to Drew Boyd who facilitated the experience.

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