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In the Company of Passion

Rediscover Your Story | Episode 06

Meet Lou Velazquez: the Marketing Lead of the BMW Store in Cincinnati

If you’re looking for a BMW in the Cincinnati area, chances are you’ve seen the familiar sign on I-71 and have gone to the BMW Store near Kenwood. As a destination for luxury car buyers, this dealership offers world-class service and an impressive inventory that will impress even the most discerning car enthusiast. One key player behind the brand’s success is Lou Velazquez, the Marketing Director of the BMW Store in Cincinnati.Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience

Holistic Approach to Customer Service and Branding

When you visit the BMW Store in Cincinnati, it’s clear this is no ordinary car dealership. Velazquez and team have created an experience geared towards the customer – from the moment you step onto the lot. The marketing team’s philosophy is simple: make the customer feel special and provide personalized attention throughout the buying process.

Velazquez’s approach to branding is holistic and multifaceted. As Marketing Director, he is constantly searching for new ways to improve the BMW Store’s digital presence and create content that resonates with customers. He is passionate about creating engaging social media experiences and hosting events that showcase the BMW brand. In addition to creating exceptional customer experience, Velazquez and his team are committed to building strong relationships with the Cincinnati community. The BMW Store has sponsored numerous charitable events and organizations in the area, and Velazquez is known for his dedication to giving back to the community.

The Road Ahead

As the BMW brand continues to evolve and innovate, Velazquez remains committed to keeping the store in Cincinnati at the forefront of the luxury car market. He is constantly developing innovative marketing strategies that build brand awareness and drives sales. He’s more than just the Marketing Lead at the BMW Store in Cincinnati, he’s a leader who embodies the BMW brand’s passion for excellence and customer service. His dedication to creating exceptional customer and building strong community relationships ensures that the BMW Store remains one of the top luxury car destinations in the Cincinnati area.

Let’s Discover Lou’s story.

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