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Bathing in Cincinnati Chili

Rediscover Your Story | Episode 05

Permission to Swing Wild All The Time

In the latest episode of RESLV’s Rediscover Your Story Podcast, we sit down with Mark Borison; a one-of-a-kind content creator for an equally unique Cincinnati brand: Jungle Jim’s. This Cincinnati-based retail attraction described by Mark as if Walt Disney and Willy Wonka high fived and made a grocery store, offers customers and employees an unrivaled experience that supplies products from all over the world. Employees are hired based specifically on their knowledge of different departments and products as well to better help the consumer while shopping. This approach to retail and customer service is what sets Jungle Jim’s apart from any other store and makes it a beloved, home-town institution and destination in Cincinnati.

Mark is the exuberant host of “The Jungle Jim’s Podcast,” where he discusses food, culture, and more with guests from various industry backgrounds. Mark’s story is an inspiring reminder of how valuable determination and unfiltered creativity become when forming professional goals. One of the key themes that emerged from Mark’s conversation with Jesy is the importance of self-awareness in leadership, and allowing creatives to create. He emphasizes the need for leaders to learn and grow alongside their collaborators – his work with Jungle Jim’s being a prime example of how Video and Podcasts can be used to diversify branded content.

Mark’s journey to become a content creator for Jungle Jim’s was not an easy one, but it was an opportunity he knew he had to take from the moment he was given free-reign to do so. Mark has faced personal and professional adversity including a serious health scare – which forced him to make significant changes in his life through determination and a little help from Van Halen.

Mark thrives in an industry that has grown immensely competitive for everyone. He encourages listeners to embrace their own unique talents and perspectives to make a positive impact in the world, in addition to realizing their own aspirations in this industry and beyond (American Idol, anyone). His work with Jungle Jim’s is a testament to the power of personifying a business, and turning the marketing of a brand into an experience for its consumers as well. An inspiration to anyone who bathes in knowledge (or chili).

Let’s Discover Mark’s story.

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