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Mental Health and Athletes

Rediscover Your Story | Episode 04

Train Your Mind Like You Train Your Body

It’s not every day that you can invite your best friend to be on a podcast with you. Lauren Ammon is Jesy’s daughter’s future mother in law, but more importantly, she’s a badass entrepreneur who’s tackling mental resiliency in high performing athletes. As we know, entrepreneurship can happen instantaneously, spontaneously, and out of the blue.

Something struck with Lauren Ammon when the whole world watched the 2020 Olympics and Simone Biles choose to protect herself on the world’s biggest stage. Simone’s head wasn’t in the game and instead of pushing through, she instead took herself out of the competition –huge mental health alarms were ringing around the world. This moment right here helped propel Lauren into working with athletes and kick starting her company, Performance Reimagined.

Using your own life experiences as part of your content creation process can help give your brand an empathetic and authentic voice. Take a listen to Lauren Ammon talk about how she uses her own experiences to help shape the content she produces and the channels where her content lives.

Do yourself a favor and take a listen to the podcast. It will motivate you, invigorate you and encourage you as we discover Lauren’s story.

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