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Shauna Smith Discusses How to Master Marketing

Rediscover Your Story | Episode 10

Meet Shauna Smith, a seasoned marketing executive renowned for her dynamic leadership and strategic acumen. With a diverse background in various marketing disciplines such as demand generation, field marketing, event marketing, and notably, B2B marketing, Shauna excels in enhancing marketing programs from the top of the funnel to scalable activities that bolster growth and pipeline. Her impressive career includes pivotal roles at industry giants like T-Mobile and Amazon, where she crafted high-performing teams from scratch. More recently, Shauna has turned her expertise to transforming and leading the marketing efforts at mid-sized tech companies, including Elastic and The Knot Worldwide, focusing on innovative demand generation and effective B2B strategies. Shauna’s leadership style is characterized by her forward-thinking approach, always starting with the customer to unlock impactful opportunities. She is committed to fostering a positive workplace, promoting sustainability in team output, and encouraging a data-driven culture. Her professional drive is matched by her passion for driving efficiencies, nurturing innovation, and utilizing data to tackle business challenges. Off the clock, Shauna proudly hails from Cincinnati, where she graduated from the University of Cincinnati. A true brunch aficionado, Shauna loves connecting with friends and colleagues over a good brunch—a testament to her belief in the power of great conversations and delicious food. Join Shauna as she shares insights and experiences from her journey in marketing.

Let’s Discover Shauna’s story.

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