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Beyond the Bullpen: Karen Forgus’ Home Run Career with the Cincinnati Reds

Rediscover Your Story | Episode 11

Step up to the plate for an unforgettable episode as we step into the dugout with Karen Forgus, the Chief Communications & Community Officer for the Cincinnati Reds. Join us as we round the bases of Karen’s remarkable career, where she’s not only kept the Reds’ communications game on point but has also hit it out of the park in community engagement. With a curveball of leadership skills and strategic batting power, Karen has been a game-changer in shaping the Reds’ business operations, rallying the community, and helping the team steal bases towards victory. From crafting winning marketing strategies to knocking community outreach programs out of the park, Karen’s vision and dedication have scored big for the Reds. Catch Karen’s fastball insights, home run-worthy anecdotes, and her undying love for baseball, community, and family. Whether you’re a die-hard Reds fan or a business slugger looking for inspiration, this episode promises to be a grand slam. Don’t strike out on this exclusive conversation with one of the driving forces behind the Cincinnati Reds’ championship journey!

Let’s Discover Karen’s story.

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