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3 Tips for Video Pre-Production | Video Content Experts

July 12, 2022
3 Tips for Video Pre-Production | Video Content Experts

Preparing For Success: The Power Of Video Pre-production

It’s the day of filming, are you ready? Wait, rewind. A successful video shoot begins on day one of planning. Just as the saying goes, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing,” there’s no such thing as a bad shoot when you have the right preparation and the right equipment.

Why Pre-Production Matters for Video Content

When you partner with an experienced video agency, there are no limitations on the story you can tell. Want to tell a human story without the standard cliches? For UC Health Nurses Week, we traveled beyond the hospital to interview kids at home about why they were proud that their parents were nurses. The result: engaging footage that broke through the healthcare clutter.

Is your brand always on the move? Knowing how to prepare a video storyboard and shot list—and having the right equipment to capture each moment with clarity—can make all the difference. For HealthPoint, we custom-built and tested car rigs in advance so day-of-shoot footage flowed seamlessly. While this approach was not the “easy” answer, it definitely was the right one. Trying ideas, testing them in advance, and explaining when an alternate approach will get a better result, that’s the power of experience.

Are you looking for real-life authenticity? An expert video agency understands how the right filming style and props can truly elevate your brand. Maybe you’re like us and are into popular true crime specials on Netflix. If so, we can talk about whether a documentary style could work for you. Or perhaps your brand wants to celebrate decades of company history. Our team has sourced period pieces like old televisions and rotary phones for live reenactments of key moments—adding energy where others may have relied solely on photo stills.

Whatever story you are looking to tell, pre-production sets you up for success from video strategy to filming and post-production.

3 Essential Tips for Video Pre-Production

Kyle Breitenstein, RESLV’s Associate Creative Director / Editor, has boiled down his years of experience into three tips for any brand considering video content:

  1.  Be focused. There are many directions a video can take. The most effective videos are crafted to meet an objective. Come to our kickoff meeting prepared with a list of what you are hoping to achieve, whether that is awareness, sales or any other priority for your organization. Then, we can build a story to drive business results.
  2. Be collaborative. Remember that your knowledge of your company—and our video team’s storytelling and technical experience—are the secret sauce. Both perspectives are needed to craft powerful content.
  3. Be prepared. Interviews can bring interest and humanity to videos. When preparing your list of interviewees, let us know why you chose them, and what space you hope they will fill in your story. When we understand their role in the big picture, we can ask tailored questions to get engaging quotes and genuine expressions on film.

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