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Brian LeCount’s Vision is Leading the Charge in Digital Travel Nursing

Rediscover Your Story | Episode 12

Brian LeCount is the Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Digital Travel Nursing at Health Carousel, a leading healthcare staffing company both in the US and internationally. At Health Carousel, Brian spearheads innovative marketing and digital strategies across the company’s four lines of business and nine staffing brands, driving growth and excellence in healthcare staffing solutions. Before joining Health Carousel, Brian was the Executive Vice President of Strategy at Grey, a renowned global advertising and digital marketing agency. At Grey, he leveraged creativity to tackle business challenges, collaborating with the world’s largest brands to enhance their digital, mobile, content, CRM, and personalization experiences. Brian’s extensive marketing expertise spans various industries, including entertainment ticketing, healthcare staffing, and IT consulting. He also founded a digital marketing agency that provided tailored services to SMBs nationwide. Beyond his professional achievements, Brian has dedicated over 15 years to mentoring, advising, and consulting for numerous startups. His involvement with The Brandery and other mentor organizations underscores his commitment to nurturing the next generation of business leaders. Tune in to our podcast to hear Brian LeCount share his journey, insights on digital innovation, and strategies for success in marketing and healthcare staffing.

Let’s Discover Brian’s story.

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