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Avoid Banner Blindness with Video

October 12, 2022
Avoid Banner Blindness with Video

“Banner Blindness” has been a problem in digital advertising for years.

When you think of banner blindness, you probably picture a person scrolling through social media or reading emails while your banner ad is displayed in their peripheral vision. While that’s an accurate description, it doesn’t capture the full scope of the problem: banner blindness is more than just being distracted by something other than an ad—it’s being completely unaware that an ad was even there in the first place.

Less people clicking on ads is creating frustration within digital marketing teams. Digital marketers are already feeling the stress of constantly creating lead generating assets. This behavior has become so common among consumers that advertisers have had to find new ways to get their attention.

Digital marketers work harder to gain attention from users that are distracted and overloaded with content.

Digital marketers are competing with an abundance of content with users who have a low attention span. The result is less clicks, less awareness, and less brand impressions. The only way to really break through the noise and minimize banner blindness is with video marketing. Video is more likely to capture attention because it’s richer in information and context then static content like text or images (especially when you consider how much time people spend on their phones). When done right, video can also provide information that’s more useful than what would be conveyed in written form alone; something important for many brands trying to reach consumers online today where they’re bombarded by so much content everyday (think: Twitter feed).

Video marketing has proven effective because it engages audiences in a way that display ads cannot; people tend not to ignore videos when they’re on their phone or computer screen (unlike with webpages), and they can be easily shared across social media platforms for additional exposure.

Video content needs to be better than “good enough” to capture your audience.

Good enough video content doesn’t stand out like great video content. Don’t skip corners on quality production value, make your video marketing dollars work harder for you. In order for this strategy of online video marketing to work, it’s critical that your videos are engaging, creative, informative, and entertaining but they also need to generate leads. RESLV offers a great solution for creating videos like these. We help businesses create videos that they can use on their website, social media channels, and digital advertising platforms so they can give users a more engaging experience. Our goal is to help you create amazing content for your business or brand that leads to results and combats banner blindness.

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