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Three Fundamentals to Effective B2B Video Content

February 14, 2023
Three Fundamentals to Effective B2B Video Content

Introduction: Three Key Fundamentals to Effective B2B Video Marketing Content

You’ve heard it before: Content is king. But if you’re a B2B marketer, the real truth is that effective video content is queen. Video content that resonates and engages with your audience then helps to solve their problems, has the superpower to convert prospects into customers. This can be immensely profitable—especially in a world where more than half of all sales happen online. If you want your video content to be effective (and who doesn’t?), then focus on these three key fundamentals to effective B2B video marketing content.

#1 – Audience

Audience is the most important ingredient in B2B marketing content. You need to know your audience, understand their needs and pain points, and create content that helps them solve problems or achieve goals. To attract new customers and retain your existing market share, your video content must be accessible, relevant and informative.

Know your audience and be specific about who you’re targeting. It helps to craft personas and even think of examples, like current clients that you’d like to clone.
Don’t just have a surface level understanding of their needs and pain points, really dig in and find out what your audience cares about.
Pinpoint the locations you’ll find your target audience, whether it’s through social media, CTV or both. This helps you craft your video content per platform.

#2 – Problem

When you know what your customers are struggling with, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of the problem. You may think that this step is obvious, but many B2B companies make the mistake of assuming too much. Don’t be afraid to call out the potential problems in your video content, it could really help your target audience feel like they’re being seen and heard effectively which will help them engage and connect with your product and organization.

Your product is designed to fulfill a need for your customers–so acknowledge and detail those needs! If you created your product because there was no existing solution available on the market (and if so, why?), describe how persistent these problems were before you came along. These are great stories to tell and let’s be honest, people like and connect with stories.

#3 – Solution

You can’t just list your product’s features and benefits (you can, but that’s boring). In your video, you need to go beyond that and explain how those features work in the real world. In other words, you need to show prospects how your product alleviates their pain points by solving their problems in a unique way. To do this effectively, you must:

Include the unique methods, technology, or expertise your product uses to overcome customer obstacles the way only you can (e.g., “Our patented technology allows us to offer a 5x reduction in footprint compared with our competitors”).
Use a conversational tone throughout the video. Just as you told a story to introduce the problem, tell an even more compelling story about how the problem was solved by your product or service.


There are three key fundamentals to effective B2B video marketing content

As a recap: The first is your audience. You can’t just create a video for yourself or your team–you have to think about who you’re trying to reach and what they need from your product or service. Next, you need a problem that your product or service can uniquely solve. And finally, there needs to be a solution presented that addresses those issues in an engaging way that resonates with them personally (not just technically). While RESLV focuses on video marketing content, these three fundamentals should be at the core of any compelling content pieces your marketing team creates.

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